Our Innovative Solutions Partnerships

DMRSolutions has established partnerships with other select small and disadvantaged businesses. Together with our partners we can provide turnkey information technology solutions for organizations of all sizes. For more information and a free consultation on the benefits to your specific program contact your DMRSolutions representative or info@dmrsolutions.com.

BrainHoney is the easiest way for anyone to quickly and effectively leverage online learning for K-12 and Higher Education. DMRSolutions is a local reseller and solutions provider. BrainHoney 3 minute introduction

Free on-line trials available at BrainHoney.com.

Preparation for the future - BrainHoney allows any educator or institution to leverage online learning to improve the efficiency and efficacy of their program.

Confidence In Your Curriculum - BrainHoney drag-and-drop curriculum mapping and reporting allows you to quickly and easily assure your courses will support your teaching objectives.

Knowledge of Each Student - See how BrainHoney can track your students' success on state standards. BrainHoney data allows you to drill down to the student level so you can focus on each student and create/monitor each student and deliver individualized learning experiences. The BrainHoney GradeBook provides an unequalled real-time view of student and class progress allowing you to focus on the students who need your help the most. The Dynamic Assessment Generation dynamically generates assessments by selecting a defined number of questions by objective, question type, or category allowing each student to take a different version of the test. Individualized learning 1 minute

LMS-Hosting and consulting on free open-source community based tools for learning.

Free on-line software applications and tools. Exchange/Outlook 2010 -student email, calendar coordination, individualized work spaces, group spaces, Skydrive 25G workspace for each student and teacher, some SharePoint, free websites, online Microsoft Office 2010 web parts –Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote , Digital Learning Center, DreamSpark and other online tools for university, public schools K-14, and private educational organizations. We are also working with schools (systems & individuals), community, university sponsored, and faith based educational programs. Integrations with Moodle, BrainHoney, Blackboard, and other LMSs are proven and made easy. You can launch your Liveatedu or your LMS from either web browser. For NC we are assisting with the Pilot of the Microsoft IT Academy where the high School students get free access to all the Microsoft Certification courseware and Tests to gain certification. We are implementing a statewide implementation of Liveatedu for all AG and Life Science Administrators, Teachers and later students in 2011. WE can also offer Performance Point and other assessment tools that complement the various LMS and assessment tools.

TechAlumn provides a pool of technology experts available to develop world class solutions for our clients.

SAP Networking is a forum for SAP professionals to learn about the latest SAP topics, share project experiences, and explore new job opportunities.

Technology Alumni Volunteers for Innovative Education assists local and rural schools, communities, clubs, career day events, with technology consulting, career day and project judging, technology tools, and project management.

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